Worship of the Broken


If you are strong and fast
Carry a sack of stone when you compete
If you are young and full of rage
Play war video games and beat your meat


Worship of the broken
They want you weak and needy 
Worship of the broken
In the leash of the powerful and greedy


You are the one they want to break

The one they want to keep in control
A consumer for their corporations
An enslaved drone with a hollow soul

Worship of the broken
Victimize yourself as the greatest virtue 
Worship of the broken
Just another nut job to numb and nurture

We are the seeds of their sins
The seeds of the coming storm 
We won’t grovel at their feet
Never shall we conform

Worship of the broken
Become a narcissistic zero on the screen 
Worship of the broken
The Gimp and the Liar as your King and Queen


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