Master Bates


Welcome everybody
To the Bates Motel
Are you looking for a room
Just go ring my bell

I’ve got a vacancy
Here is just me and mother
Whatever happens
We will always have each other

Watch out my son
That Jezebel is getting randy
Don’t call her that, mum
She’s sweet as cotton candy

I watch her undress
Me and her on a candid date
Am I Ma Bates or Mister Bates?
I guess you can call me Master Bates

Mum, you’re so skinny
Always sitting in that chair
I love you Norman
Be so kind and brush my hair

I’ll be a good boy
You know it’s true
In the kitchen drawer
I’ve got something special for you

Step in to the shower
You’ll never step out again
When mother comes along
Your life goes down the drain









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